This is the first iteration of Mercurial Analytics, a public sandbox for .

It is an online platform for him to test and play with various skills, languages, and tools as he learns them. It is both a blog publishing data driven articles as well as a giant digital whiteboard

The primary responsiblity of data scientists and programmers is to learn. Tools, languages, and methods are constantly changing and each change adds and alters how you approach problem solving.

Throughout this iteration no work will truly be complete. Many pieces may seem broken, unfinished, or pointless as new skills are learned and pieces added.

Don’t expect anything to work how you think it should, it won’t, but the data being used as well as the accompanying insights and opnions are real.

Current work includes topics in Data Science, Machine Learning, Sports Analytics, Python, R, Matlab, C, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, HTML/CSS, MYSQL, and others.

The next iteration may be something wholey different, but for now:

This is simply a digital notebook, publication, canvas, and autodidact playground.